The library’s new sign has been installed- it looks AWESOME. You have to drop by and take a look at it!!!

Stewart Signs did an amazing job installing it. They were very professional and friendly. We recommend their services 10/10!


The library sign location has been voted on, approved, and finalized. We will put the sign on the right side of our building (on the side of the gray house)! We’ll be working to have it installed very soon.

As for the bidders, the board has more questions before they can make a decision. The director (me again!) will be sending those questions in for the contractors, and hopefully we can get word on that too.

Stay tuned!


Our library will be having a meeting tonight at 7 PM! This is not a regular meeting, but one for a special purpose.

We’re going to finalize which bidder we want to pick for our library’s construction project, and the location of our new sign.

After this meeting, the director (me!), will let you all know what was decided! This is super important, because our project is so close to being underway.

Stay tuned for our July newsletter- it will likely have updates, too!


Have you ever been curious about your family history? Want to discover more about your lineage? Want to learn about what countries your ancestors immigrated from?

You can use the library for that!

Using your library card, you can use Ancestry for FREE. Check out the NCLS resources page to explore our other programs- but remember- you need a library to get into the club. Drop by our library and we’ll get you set up (also FREE)!

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